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Model: 1SF003 Double armrest three positions<br> Dimensions (mm): 2350*1000*820<br> Model: 1SF003 Double armrest two positions<br> Dimensions (mm): 2350*1000*820<br> Model: 1SF003 Double armrest unit<br> Dimensions (mm): 1100*1000*920<br>



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  • Design inspiration

      Furniture is not a simple pile, it is an attitude towards life. Industrialization, technology, and some people drowned in the turbulent flow of information and slowly passed away. And we are quietly fermenting. So the minimalist pursuit of modern elitism gave (lake) inspiration.

      This is an Italian-style simple and comfortable sofa, with simple and tough lines to outline the overall outline, with the atmosphere of the social elite, stable and strong.

      The new leather fabric with the most leathery feel is adopted, and the down layer seat bag and the screen bag are added to create natural folds. The lake-colored cloth represents the endlessness and the soft feeling of a positive attitude to life.

      The lake has the combination of strong tolerance and water, which is the meaning of the lake. It is also the life attitude of a new generation of social elites


    Material technology

      Fabric: The eighth generation of technical cloth

      1. Top French lambskin feel and look, European top luxury brand design and material process requirements

      2. Organic ecological bionic technology, soft touch, clear texture pores, elastic and durable leather.

      3. The use of upgraded matte film greatly reduces the frictional force, eliminates the trouble of the sound of the leather sofa, and truly mute the sofa.

      4. Microcrystalline blocking technology, the cloth surface is smooth and beautiful, and the luster is translucent. Firm coloring, green and environmental protection, no fading, as long as new

      Seat cushion: high density East Asian sponge + imported latex cotton + feather comfort layer. The collision of latex cotton and down bag provides a soft and comfortable sitting feeling, such as the ultimate enjoyment sitting in the clouds.

      Armrests, screen bag: accurate 28% down and space particle cotton padding. There is a natural sense of laziness, which makes people want to lie in the middle at a glance, feeling softly wrapped. Down has good resilience, durable and non-deformable, and strong wrapping. At the same time, it can show natural wrinkle and show nobility.


    Structural design

      Wing-shaped armrest: It adopts the Italian simple and classic wing-shaped armrest design. It looks like an open wing, like a lover's arm, and welcomes you to go home like the last lamp at home.

      Classic lines: Italian simple human body support technology. The ultra-thin armrest design makes the sofa shape more light and stylish. At the same time, it also provides super support for the sofa, so you can use it without worry.

      14cm super-strength carbon black steel feet, golden ratio design, provide super support strength. At the same time, it outlines the lines of the sofa, showing a collision effect of softness and rigidity. It is consistent with the naming of this sofa lake.


    Color analysis

      Green-the most common color in nature, representing freshness, hope, safety, calmness and comfort, is the most popular color in the world.

      The sofa lake is completely clean in lake green color. Bring a calm and safe living atmosphere to your home. The noble lake green enriches the visual experience of the living room and makes people feel a strong sense of happiness





    Model: 1SF003 double armrest three

    Appearance size (mm): 2350*1000*820

    Model: 1SF003 Double armrest

    Appearance size (mm): 2350*1000*820

    Model: 1SF003 Double armrest unit

    Appearance size (mm): 1100*1000*920