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Model: 1SF001-3 Long position<br> Dimensions (mm): 1900*1000*930<br> Model: 1SF001-1 Unit<br> Dimensions (mm): 850*1000*930<br> Model: 1SF001-C Concubine<br> Dimensions (mm): 1050*1820*930<br>



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      This is a comfortable sofa. The biggest design feature is the strong layered structure of cushions, armrests and bags.

      The most ergonomic stepped touch, automatically adapts to the human body curve, relaxes the body muscles, and does not want to get up after sitting down. The straight-line quilting makes the backrest of the sofa nice and beautiful, and divides the upper and lower support areas at the same time to comfortably support the neck, shoulders and waist.

      The overall appearance is full of layers, with a superb craftsmanship sewing waist piano design, which provides a comfortable sitting feeling and emphasizes the visual extension of the space, which further extends the feeling space of the sofa and makes people feel relaxed and happy.

      It expresses artistic enjoyment like playing piano, pure, harmonious, bright and beautiful, hence the name "Mozart".


    Color analysis

      Blue-full of dreamy colors, always maintaining a clear, romantic feeling. Particularly mysterious and noble gem blue, deep and thorough. The sapphire blue sofa is more mature and elegant, and is more provocative.

      Improper home is a simple pile, Ouye sofa pays more attention to your guidance on the quality of life and taste, using the most trendy sapphire blue in the world to keep your home in sync with the international trend

      Under the shadow of natural light, the sofa is more fresh and elegant, full of decorative taste, especially suitable for the white-collar workers who are working hard, the elite with heavy tasks, and let the noisy souls land on the quiet harbor.

      Sitting on the sofa, a comfortable and comfortable sitting feeling, flexible support, a refreshing and comfortable mood emerged, alleviating the work fatigue of the day, lazy half lying on the sofa, people's mood also relaxed.

      Quiet like Mozart's serenade. The sofa was named Mozart-Nocturne





    Model: 1SF001-3 Long position

    Appearance size (mm): 1900*1000*930

    Model: 1SF001-1 Unit

    Appearance size (mm): 850*1000*930

    Model: 1SF001-C Concubine

    Appearance size (mm): 1050*1820*930