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Model: 1SF002 Three positions with double armrests<br> Dimensions (mm): 2100*1000*930<br> Model: 1SF002 double armrest unit<br> Dimensions (mm): 1030*1000*930<br> Model: 1SF002 Double armrest<br> Dimensions (mm): 1800*1000*930<br>



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  • Design inspiration

      This is a comfortable sofa. The biggest design feature is the strong layered structure of cushions, armrests and bags.

      The most ergonomic stepped touch, automatically adapts to the human body curve, relaxes the body muscles, and does not want to get up after sitting down. The straight-line quilting makes the backrest of the sofa nice and beautiful, and divides the upper and lower support areas at the same time to comfortably support the neck, shoulders and waist.

      The overall appearance is full of layers, with a superb craftsmanship sewing waist piano design, which provides a comfortable sitting feeling and emphasizes the visual extension of the space, which further extends the feeling space of the sofa and makes people feel relaxed and happy.

      It expresses artistic enjoyment like playing piano, pure, harmonious, bright and beautiful, hence the name "Mozart".


    Material technology

      Fabric: The eighth generation of technical cloth

      1. Put on a leather coat to the fabric, and combine the true texture and touch of the top leather to create a full leather.

      2. The oxygen permeability is up to 99%. Breathable micro-transmission technology, super breathable and breathe freely. Put an end to the sultry heat of the cortex.

      3. The use of upgraded matte film greatly reduces the frictional force, eliminates the trouble of the sound of the leather sofa, and truly mute the sofa.

      Cushion: The whole piece of high-density East Asian sponge + comfort layer. Rebound comfortably, as if sitting in a warm embrace.

      Armrest: High-density shaped cotton. Stereotype support, difficult to deform.

      Backrest: Space particle cotton. Full support, skinny and fuller.


    Structural process

      Armrests: Slightly stretched armrests for comfortable arm placement Do not rely on the arm sore for a long time. Lightweight curve design, more stylish. At the same time provide all-round support for sitting, lying, lying and sleeping.

      Backrest: Unique piano step design. Enhance the home atmosphere and bring a unique design touch to the aesthetics of home life. At the same time, the space particle cotton firmly supports the head, fits the waist, and does not get tired after sitting for a long time. Give you a cloud-like experience and enjoy the soft time brought by the sofa at home.

      Ouye is serious about making a sofa! Letting you enjoy the beauty and comfort of the sofa while you are at home. Home is not a simple pile, the sofa is not just to meet the needs of use. We must consider every detail, even every angle, and strive for perfection. This is the pursuit of Ouye Home Furnishing for 24 years, we are serious.


    Color analysis

      Among traditional Chinese colors, caramel brown is the most simple and natural color.

      Caramel brown's unique calmness and atmosphere can penetrate the unique temperament and charm of women. Caramel brown with bright piping divides the line, always reminding people of stylish and delicious food, and inexplicably has a sense of satisfaction. Very stylish and advanced texture.

      It is like a setting sun shaking, extremely elegant and elegant, full of oriental sense of modernity. People who like caramel brown are more likely to be trusted and trusted.





    Model: 1SF002 three double armrests

    Appearance size (mm): 2100*1000*930

    Model: 1SF002 Double armrest unit

    Appearance size (mm): 1030*1000*930

    Model: 1SF002 Double armrest

    Appearance size (mm): 1800*1000*930