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Model: 0102-AB1903-3 Long position<br> Dimensions (mm): 1920*970*760<br> Model: 0102-AB1903-1<br> Appearance size (mm): 850*970*760 unit<br> Model: 0102-AB1906-C Concubine <br> Dimensions (mm): 960*1820*760<br>



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  • Design inspiration

      AB1903 is named “hump” because of its “hump” design for armrests and backrests. Hump in Chinese ancient architectural terminology refers to: “Beams on the beam, used to support the beam head above, it looks like a hump”, which means to correct The beams on the top of the door are three-fold arches.

      The golden design rule of "less is more" gives the space more imagination with the least expression. It advocates the combination of simple appearance and practical functionalism, taking inspiration from natural life and creating functional and artistic aesthetics. product.

      The bright beige color highlights the transparency of the minimalist style. The simple and powerful line design of the Tetris matrix is ​​clean and neat, with a generous linear beauty.

      Therefore, in addition to being a representative of minimalism, the hump sofa has the meaning of the mainstay in the modern family in real life.


    Material technology

      Fabric: cotton and linen fabric

      1. Pure color: dyeing yarn from Italy's finest yarn dyeing process, weaving first, then weaving, high color purity, highlighting high-end quality.

      The texture of the fabric is unique, three-dimensional and strong. The thick fabric is very texture, solemn and elegant. Very woven, it is the best choice for simple style.

      2. High abrasion resistance: unique process treatment, high strength, strong abrasion resistance (5 times that of ordinary fabrics), excellent physical properties such as no ball, no fading, and strong heat resistance

      3. Soft touch: high gram weight is full and thick, the surface is fluffy and has a texture, which overcomes the wrinkle of the yarn-dyed fabric and is easier to care for.

      4. Environmental protection and safety: skin-friendly enjoyment, environmentally friendly natural fibers and tough texture yarn are interwoven, using plant dyeing process, skin-friendly contact without any stimulation, belongs to baby-grade environmentally friendly fabrics.


    Structural process

      Armrest, backrest: Soft bag design, unique hump design, smooth lines, breaking the monotonous sense of calm, full of stylish atmosphere. The height is moderate, the vision is simple, and it also meets the ergonomic requirements of natural hand placement and back curve support. This is a streamlined sense that must be more than ten years of manual quality requirements. And the intimate disassembly design brings very powerful and convenient for daily cleaning of the sofa, which is more comfortable to use.

      Super frame: more than 20 years of sofa mechanics research, rigorous materials, and strict craftsmanship provide the sofa frame with super stability and durability, so this design product can be made. In order to present the unique beauty of the minimalist sofa. The use of ultra-skinny, non-wrinkle microfiber leather, simple lines outline the outline.

      Full package: the surface of the sofa cushion, the back bag, and the pillow are filled with Baiyangdian goose down at a ratio of 2:8. Down has good elasticity and comfort, and the Baiyangdian goose down has the advantages of no bleaching dyeing, no odor, and no meat. Sitting on the sofa is so soft and close.


    Color analysis

      In this product design plan, the bright rice color is selected as the main color, and the special thick and substantial yarns are layered, giving the looming light luxury temptation. It is also perfectly integrated with the light and minimal elements of this product, highlighting the permeability of the minimalist style. It is concise and clean from a distance, and has a strong three-dimensional sense and fine color lines when viewed from a distance. Meet the requirements of young people, both concise and connotative.

      The contrast between the pillow color of orange and deep ocean blue and the color of the main fabric represent the spirit of young people, hard work, progress and dreams.

      The warm and comfortable color matching makes us feel that the home environment is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sitting on such a sofa, it is full of relaxed and comfortable mood.




    Model: 0102-AB1903-3 Long position

    Appearance size (mm): 1920*970*760

    Model: 0102-AB1903-1

    Dimensions (mm): 850*970*760 units

    Model: 0102-AB1906-C Concubine

    Appearance size (mm): 960*1820*760