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Model :0102-AB16861-3F Double armrest three positions<br> Dimensions (mm): 2200*1010*980<br> Code: 0102-AB16861-1F double armrest unit<br> Dimensions (mm): 975*1010*980<br> Code: 0102-AB16861-2F double armrests two positions<br> Dimensions (mm): 1680*1010*980<br>



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      The Eiffel Tower can be seen almost anywhere in Paris, as long as you look up. It actually contains a very romantic sentiment-no matter where, at any time, if you are willing to look back, I have been waiting.

      With the design concept of the Eiffel Tower, it pursues the poetic and artistic conception of the solemn and generous buildings, giving a romantic and elegant visual impact.

      Love is unique: there is only one in the world! Love stands forever: The tower was built in 1889, and it still stands forever! Love is meticulous: The tower is perfect to this day, reflecting the care of future generations for it! : It is said that after the death of his wife, the designer of the tower, Edufil, he never married!


    Material technology

      Fabric: 3D bionic super fiber technical cloth

      1. Put on a leather coat to the fabric, and combine the true texture and touch of the top leather to create a full leather.

      2. The oxygen permeability is up to 99%. Breathable micro-transmission technology, super breathable and breathe freely. Put an end to the sultry heat of the cortex.

      3. The use of upgraded matte film greatly reduces the frictional force, eliminates the trouble of the sound of the leather sofa, and truly mute the sofa.

      Cushion: High-density East Asian sponge. Provides a moderately soft and hard sitting comfort and rebounds quickly. The ultimate enjoyment like sitting in the clouds. Durable, worry-free use.

      Backrest: High density sponge. Bring real support. Purely hand-pulled craftsmanship, simple and stylish show French romantic style. At the same time, ensure that the backrest does not deviate and continue to be beautiful.


    Structural design

      Armrest: round and full embrace armrest shape, super support. The inner and outer arc shapes are round and full, and the arm support can be taken care of at any angle.

      108-degree ergonomics: Designed and developed according to the shape of the human spine to enable people to stretch naturally when leaning on the sofa, to achieve the healthiest backrest curvature, to rest comfortably and comfortably, and to relieve the fatigue of the day. The better the sofa, the more comfortable it is.

      The one-piece bag adopts the cross-pulling process, which is integrally wrapped, full in shape, and uneven. At the same time, the image is consistent, reflecting the shape of the Paris Tower, bringing a unique aesthetic of French romance.

      Metal feet: unique zinc alloy material, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high strength, visually stylish, demonstrating the nobleness and gorgeous luxury of metal. Based on the design principle of the base of the Paris Tower, the structural aesthetics of the Ou Ye sofa are reflected.


    Color analysis

      "Macaron" tender blue, a color between sea blue and lake green, is a fresh and elegant hue, and a cool and pleasant color sense, is an indispensable romance and elegance. It makes it a striking color on the fashion home. Although indifferent, it can still maintain a very strong personality color. In this increasingly hot weather, putting such a sofa in the home environment brings a clear and transparent sense of flexibility and elegance on the Paris Tower. The overall shape is not exaggerated, but it cannot be ignored!

    Code: 0102-AB16861-0

    Net weight (kg): 138.5

    Packing volume (㎡): 3.80

    Code: 0102-AB16861-3F

    Appearance size (mm): 2200*1010*980

    Net weight (kg): 57.5

    Packing volume (㎡): 1.62


    Code: 0102-AB16861-1F

    Appearance size (mm): 975*1010*980

    Net weight (kg): 33.0

    Packing volume (㎡): 0.72

    Code: 0102-AB16861-2F

    Appearance size (mm): 1680*1010*980

    Net weight (kg): 48.0

    Packing volume (㎡): 1.45