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Model: 0102-AB1761-3 Long position<br> Dimensions (mm): 1785*930*880<br> Model: 0102-AB1761-1 Unit<br> Dimensions (mm): 800*930*880<br> Model: 0102-AB1761-C Concubine<br> Dimensions (mm): 985*1780*880<br>



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  • Design inspiration

      The inspiration for the design came from a beautiful encounter with Mr. Long, the chief design officer of Ouye Home Furnishing, while traveling in Norway. There is a mature wheat field, facing a clear blue lake, backed by green mountains. The ears of wheat are full and upright, huddled together angrily and lively, and when the wind blows past, it makes a very enjoyable "rustle" sound. Mr. Long remembered the joy of being lying on the wheat stack when he was a child, and remembering that life is like the road on this wheat field. You don’t know where the biggest wheat ear is on the road? You should be yourself and pursue with the firmest pace ideal.

      The design of this sofa is the same. It interprets the positive and happy and passionate life in the Nordic minimalist style, and the beautiful life is at your fingertips.


    Material technology

      Fabric: cotton and linen fabric

      1. Pure color: dyeing yarn from Italy's finest yarn dyeing process, weaving first, then weaving, high color purity, highlighting high-end quality.

      2. High abrasion resistance: unique process treatment, high strength, strong abrasion resistance (5 times that of ordinary fabrics), excellent physical properties such as no ball, no fading, and strong heat resistance

      3. Soft touch: high gram weight is full and thick, the surface is fluffy and has a texture, which overcomes the wrinkle of the yarn-dyed fabric and is easier to care for.

      4. Environmental protection and safety: skin-friendly enjoyment, environmentally friendly natural fibers and tough texture yarn are interwoven, using plant dyeing process, skin-friendly contact without any stimulation, belongs to baby-grade environmentally friendly fabrics.

      5. Adopt water flexible technology: use yarn and weaving technology to give different visual effects to the fabric. Maintain the softness of the fabric, and the uneven texture on the surface makes the hand feel more dry, which is wear-resistant and practical, and gives a comfortable visual experience


    Structural process

      1. Seat cushion and backrest: The appearance adopts the all-inclusive horizontal cable design, showing the texture of a simple and natural cotton and linen fabric.

      The cushion and backrest are integrated, and the 115-degree expansion fits the spine curve of the human body. The most comfortable leaning gives you the most perfect support. This angle is the most relaxed angle of the human body. The full waist support plays the role of cohesion. At the same time expand the use of this product. (Comfortable lying on a wheat stack as a child)

      2. Armrest: four-angle adjustable armrest, flexible and straight, there is always an angle loyal to your requirements. It can be adjusted according to the use situation, and it can meet the comfort requirements when sitting, lying, sleeping.

      3. Rolling design: streamlined piping with color matching and color contrast, the sofa presents a three-dimensional sense and a sharp outline. The whole sofa is more dynamic

      4. Sofa feet Ou Ye's unique bronze metal feet collide with cotton and linen elements to form popular elements, forming a unique beauty. The 14-centimeter high-leg design brings the minimalist taste of Northern Europe, while strong load-bearing is stable and durable, and cleaning is more convenient.


    Color analysis

      It is woven from high-quality yarns with distinct texture layers, each fabric presents a harmonious and changing two-color effect. Earth color, smoky purple popular color, fabric color is full, so that the sofa is not dull.

      Like the name of this product, Rye Watch. Bright earth colors always bring people unassuming but have charming soft atmosphere. Let your home environment have a more natural and comfortable Nordic atmosphere.

      Earth color is the least error-prone of Asians, highlighting advanced color systems.


    Code: 0102-AB1761-0

    Appearance size (mm): 3530*1780*880

    Packing volume (㎡): 2.54

    Code: 0102-AB1761-3

    Appearance size (mm): 1770*930*880

    Packing volume (㎡): 1.01

    Code: 0102-AB1761-1

    Appearance size (mm): 800*930*880

    Packing volume (㎡): 0.48


    Model: 0102-AB1761-3 Long position

    Appearance size (mm): 1785*930*880

    Model: 0102-AB1761-1 Unit

    Appearance size (mm): 800*930*880

    Model: 0102-AB1761-C Concubine

    Appearance size (mm): 985*1780*880