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Brand Power

brand power

With 21 years of brand accumulation, it has more than 200 product design patents and more than 50 product structure patents, focusing on hardware and furniture technology innovation revolution.

  • Leading brand
  • Benchmarking enterprise
  • Global coverage

Vertical and complete industrial chain layout

There are six factories: sofa factory, hardware factory, panel factory, painting factory, glass factory, and marble factory. All equipped products and most accessories are independently developed and produced. No external processing is required, and the supply cycle is short, far exceeding the industry level. .

Differential marketing guarantee

Accurate product differentiation positioning, no direct competitors, in line with market consumption trends, huge market potential.

Stable production technology team

Over 10 years of management staff, up to 25%, product technology is mature and stable, to ensure high-quality product output.

Distributor cooperation is stable

Existing distributors with more than 5 years of cooperation have more than 50%, far exceeding the industry level. The company has always adhered to the development concept of serving consumers and distributors wholeheartedly, accumulating enterprises constantly.

German Craft Made in China

Introducing BMW's ED surface treatment technology, the hardware products have super anti-oxidation ability (for example, the BMW car logo never fades). Combined with traditional Chinese mahogany craftsmanship, original metal tenon and mortise structure, no welding joints, integrated molding, stable structure and durable.

Lead product innovation

The industry's original anti-stain, anti-fingerprint color stainless steel technology, and anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch 366# special glass technology, the structure is stable and durable.

Product flat packaging

Can save 60% transportation and storage costs, while reducing the risk of transportation damage.